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Foot of the Cross

Hand to the Plough

Living Water



Touch of God


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The last shall be the greatest,

The greatest, they shall fall

If you are to be of the leastly greats

You must be the servant of all.



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Foot of the Cross

At the foot of the cross

I lay down my will

The world rages round me

Yet I am still

At the foot of the cross

I take up my own

I follow after you, Lord

Until I am home.

Andrea Oester


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Hand to the Plough

I'm putting my hand to the plough, dear Lord

And I pray that you'll help me, God

To do the work you've assigned for me

While on this earth I trod.

Help me dear Lord to not look back

At what my life has been.

Help me to look and press forward to You

As this work now begins.



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Living Water

Water, Ice, Steam

Father, Son, Spirit

He is the Living Water.

He who drinks of Him

Will never thirst again

So let us draw with joy

Out of the well of Salvation!



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Take a look at what these wounds have to offer

Bleeding head, hands, feet, and side.

They bleed for those who love and the scoffer;

It is for all these that He died.

This wounded, raised man offers love, joy and peace

Faith, Self Control, Gentleness

Patience He gives to all of these

Who as Him Lord, confess.



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The Gospel In Full

(sort of)

The Galaxy Is Formed

The Guy Is Formed

The Girl Is Formed

The Garden, In Fellowship

They Go In Foul

The Gap Is Far

The God Is Feared

This God Is Forgiving

Then God In Flesh

The Gap Is Filled

The Grace Is Flowing

To God I Flee

Today God Is Faithful

Thank God I'm Forgiven

This Gift Is Free

To Guys If Fallen

To Girls If Fallen

Take God In Faith

To God I'm Faithful

Thank God I'm Free

Andrea Oester


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The Touch of God

To be touched by God

Is a wondrous thing.

It puts joy in your heart.

It makes your soul to sing.

To be used by God

Is a thing much better.

The Lord God is touching you

As you remove another's fetters.

To be a tool in the Hand of God

Is my soul's desire.

He uses me to do His work

In His Hands my calling is higher

Andrea Oester


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The door is open

But I am waiting

For you to beckon to me

I'm hesitating

Forgive my doubt

Strengthen my faith in Thee.

I'm listening for your guiding voice

To guide me in the way

Help me dear Lord

To make the right choice

And trust in you every day.



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